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During my tenure at ChemCERT, a registered training organization for agricultural and veterinary chemicals, I volunteered for user research on e-Learning satisfaction. Identified were needs for: clearer wording, enhanced video guides, and improved course structure. These animations were designed to aid AQF3 level students in navigating course requirements at each stage.
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User Research; Animator
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Google analytics; After Effects; Articulate 360
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Timeframe: Four weeks
Improving satisfaction & completion rates of AQF3 students
From my experience assisting our support team with student queries, I had some understanding of struggles that students were facing. To quantify this, I conducted an analysis of over 2000 student feedback forms, leveraging sentiment analysis to identify patterns among short answer responses.
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From organising responses into an affinity diagram, I identified that students often struggled to understand the structure of the course and what was expected of them. In addition to this, many of the responses suggested more videos be integrated into the course indicating a preference for this learning style.
After writing out a script and having it reviewed by our SME, I began to storyboard the animations for each step. The video guide was designed to be modular so that it could split across core components of the coursework.
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Voice-overs were recorded myself using a dynamic microphone and editing in audacity. Animations were then made within adobe after effects.

Included below are examples of the final video guides. These guides in conjunction with other instructional design updates contributed to a 33% reduction in support tickets compared to previous quarter.
Resources + Quizzes Guide - Used in previous version of course, now separated in updated revision
Combined Theory + Practical Guides - Used for presentation purposes