During my time at ChemCERT, our team was approached by a consultant managing compliance for farming networks across Australia. SOCLE WHS system was developed to transfer the cumbersome amount of paperwork associated with agricultural WHS compliance, all in a simplified way that even the least tech savvy of staff members could wrap their head around.
Experience designer - entire design process
Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Figma, Zeplin, PowerBI, Alchemer
Timeframe: Eight weeks
Overwhelming amount of paperwork from farm auditors
Discovery sessions were scheduled with compliance consultants, farm managers and auditors to explore what needs and frustrations were experienced by each stakeholder group.
  • Simple navigation
  • Complete audits and send to management
  • Receive audits and respond to repairs/accidents
  • Analytics show changes throughout the year
  • Integration with current tech stack
  • Getting lost navigating software
  • Keeping track of which inductions to complete
  • Remembering to sign in to worksite
  • Prioritising repairs on sites
After discovering that farm operators were unsatisfied with their past experiences, I began researching popular EHS systems discovered from surveys. Trial licensing allowed me to evaluate the UX and UI of these systems.
From my evaluations I found that off the shelf solutions such as these were often catering to too many needs and left our clients overwhelmed with features that they didn’t have any use for. When deciding between a native app or web app solution, consideration of budget constraints and potential future expansions led us to decide on developing a web app, allowing for easier maintenance and updates.
To establish features and set out structure for further prototyping a flow chart was made
Began by building mobile view first as this would be the main method for auditors using the system
Testing was carried out with 16 Auditors, and 2 farm managers. Participants were tasked with:
  • Login and sign into Cavour worksite
  • Complete training module on Pre-starts
  • Submit Equipment Pre-start form
  • Identify change in incidents between Jun-Jul
  • Book repairs for a reported issue
  • Add staff member to Tixana worksite
  • Toggle reported repairs to notify maintenance
Struggles were identified with navigation for staff, being confused with login buttons and taking extra time to locate correct forms on their home screen. SOCLE consultants also mentioned at this point that they would like to rebrand their consultancy, and I offered to come up with a new logo, colour palette, and typography. The prototype went through 2 more rounds of testing, and is now being proposed to developers.